Saturday, February 24, 2007

Linda L. Richards

Linda L. Richards is the author of, most recently, Calculated Loss.

A few weeks ago I asked her what she was reading. Her reply:

I just, just started David Morrell's latest, Scavenger (Vanguard Press, March 2007). I was feeling in the mood for an old-school thriller and, though the "what makes a thriller" debate is endless and often somewhat pointless, no one ever disagrees about Morrell: he always makes the cut.

Thus far, Scavenger doesn't disappoint. It's sharp and compelling and almost dazzlingly fast: you seriously wanna hold onto your seat. In addition, the book is possessed of the very best first line I've seen in a while:

"He no longer called her by his dead wife's name, even though the resemblance was strong enough to make his heart ache."

Isn't that lovely? I have high hopes for the balance of the book.

Next up is The Welsh Girl (Houghton Mifflin, February 2007) by Peter Ho Davies. This is the debut novel of an accomplished short story writer. I'm looking forward to it very much.
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Of course, if you ever want to know what Linda L. Richards is reading, you can always check her blog, The Rap Sheet, and January Magazine.

--Marshal Zeringue

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