Thursday, March 15, 2007

J.B. Thompson

J.B. Thompson writes novels, book and movie reviews, and conducts author interviews.

I asked her what she has been reading. Her reply:
Most of what I'm reading at the moment is for the reviews I write for Reviewing the Evidence. It's reading for pleasure and it isn't. Technically, they're books I "have" to read, but since I get to pick and choose from the publisher's list, I have a tendency to cheat a bit and select the ones I think I might like. I've only been disappointed twice, but at least the experience has broadened my horizons as far as what I'm reading. I also have a couple of books on the pile that I'll be reviewing independently.

I'll admit I pretty much restrict my reading to fiction - I rarely read non-fiction unless it's on a recommendation from someone whose opinion I value greatly. I'm big on mysteries at the moment (of course), I always enjoy a good romance, and because I've been reading a lot of different things lately you can give me just about any sub-genre you like: thrillers, straight-up murder mysteries, historical, romantic suspense, paranormal. I also enjoy fantasies, like Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony and of course, J.K. Rowling. Bottom line for me is it has to be a well told story, written with some finesse and intellect and a nicely twisted but not too predictable plot.

Last year I set myself a New Year's resolution to read at least a book a week for the entire year - I'm trying to do the same thing again for 2007, and have had the pleasure and privilege of reading some terrific books so far, including Bob Fate's Baby Shark and Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues, Jan Burke's Kidnapped, and Glass Tiger by Joe Gores. I've just finished Marc Lecard's Vinnie's Head (wickedly funny, in a disturbing sort of way), and am currently reading Queen of Diamonds by Catherine Hunter.
J.B. Thompson's reviews appear at Associated Content and Reviewing the Evidence, and her interviews are available online at Let's Do Lunch.

Her novels are The Mozart Murders and The Blue Frog, and her novels-in-progress are all standalones - two romantic/suspense, one mystery/suspense and the most current, a medical thriller.

--Marshal Zeringue