Friday, February 15, 2008

Janet Hope

Janet Hope has published in the fields of constitutional, criminal, administrative, environmental, human rights, intellectual property law, and biotechnology regulation. She is a member of the Australian National University’s Center for Governance of Knowledge and Development.

Her new book is Biobazaar: The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology.

Earlier this week I asked her what she was reading. Her reply:
For work-related recreational reading:

Yochai Benkler, The Wealth of Networks, Yale University Press, 2006.
Don Tapscott and Anthony D Williams, Wikinomics, Atlantic Books, 2007.
Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest, Viking 2007.

To take on holidays and provide some escapism in the evenings when I'm writing:

Anything Discworld by Terry Pratchett, especially the books featuring Granny Weatherwax (witches books), Sam Vimes (guards books), Moist von Lipwig (Going Postal and Making Money) or Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men.
Learn more about Biobazaar: The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology at the Harvard University Press website.

Visit Janet Hope's researcher profile at her Australia National University webpage.

--Marshal Zeringue