Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dave Zeltserman

Dave Zeltserman is the author of ten novels, including Outsourced, Killer, Pariah, The Caretaker of Lorne Field, Small Crimes, and Blood Crimes, as well as many short stories and a collection of short crime fiction, 21 Tales.

Earlier this month I asked him what he was reading. His reply:
The last two novels I read were manuscripts to blurb upcoming books. The last was Diabolical by Hank Schwaeble, which is a followup to Schwaeble's Damnable published by Jove. Damnable was just a lot of fun--this horror thriller with demons, beautiful demon-women hybrids called Carnates, a plot to send everyone to hell, and a tough guy hero, Jake Hatcher. What made the first book so much was this terrific compulsory vibe in to Schwaeble's writing and the way he zags when I think he's going to zig. Diabolical turned out to be even better. The Carnates, Jake, and a new set of demons are back in a book that's so fast-paced you can burn your fingers turning the pages.

Before that I read a debut noir book, The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance which New Pulp Press is putting out. This is just a wild book that's almost indescribable, and would be something that maybe Charles Williams and Harry Whittington might've written if they were popping LSD while writing their Gold Medal novels.

And before that I read The Man with the Getaway Face by Richard Stark just for fun which is the second in the Parker series.
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