Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ann Hite

Ann Hite has published more than sixty stories in publications such as: Literary House Review Anthology, Espresso Fiction, Skyline Magazine, Plum Biscuit, Moonwort Review, Foliate Oak, and Spillway Review.

Her new novel is Ghost On Black Mountain.

Her response to my query about what she was reading:
I'm always reading something because I'm a book junkie. But this month’s reads are as follows:

Postcards From Nam by Uyen Nicole Duong is a stirring book with haunting aspects. Mimi is a Vietnamese refugee, who at the age of twelve escapes the fall of Saigon in April of 1975 by securing a place on one of the overcrowded American transport planes. Her father manages to secure the family passage to the United States from their refugee camp in Thailand. Over the years in her new life, Mimi sheds her Vietnamese name and childhood memories. She is the poster child for living the American dream and grows up to attend law school at Harvard. Then the postcards arrive one at a time: handmade paper with intricate drawings, both disturbing and beautiful at the same time. Always they are postmarked Bangkok and signed Nam. Mimi begins her quest to discover who Nam is and what he wants from her.

The Worst Thing I’ve Done by Ursula Hegi has a premise that blew me away. Annie’s parents die right after Annie’s wedding. Her mother was pregnant with Annie’s sister. The baby is saved and Annie becomes a wife, orphan, sister, and new mother in the space of only a few hours. And that’s not even the story. You must read this one.
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The Page 69 Test: Ghost On Black Mountain.

--Marshal Zeringue