Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wessel Ebersohn

Wessel Ebersohn is an internationally published author who was born and lives in South Africa.

His recent novels include The October Killings and Those Who Love Night.

Last month I asked Ebersohn what he was reading.  His reply:
Much of my readings is about my own country and continent. Recently I have been reading Robert Guest’s The Shackled Continent, a gripping account of the many challenges Africa faces.

I am also fascinated by human behaviour and found The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing, Judith L. Rapoport’s study of obsessive compulsive disorder truly absorbing. I was astonished to read how prevalent the disease is throughout the world. According to the author, some five million people in the USA alone suffer from it.

The resurgence of religion in the world is the subject of God is Back by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. I have rarely been as surprised as often as I was in these extremely well-researched pages. I had no idea religion could be that entertaining.

Earlier this year I reread a favourite novel of my early adulthood and was delighted to find that I enjoyed it as much as I had many years before. To Kill a Mockingbird remains a special treat for any intelligent reader. I was interested too to discover that one of the children in the book was based on the young Truman Capote.
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--Marshal Zeringue