Saturday, August 11, 2012

David Hagberg

David Hagberg is a former Air Force cryptographer who has traveled extensively in Europe, the Arctic, and the Caribbean and has spoken at CIA functions. He has published more than twenty novels of suspense, including Allah's Scorpion, Dance With the Dragon, The Expediter, and Abyss.

His latest novel is Castro's Daughter.

Recently I asked Hagberg what he was reading. His reply:
My time over the past few years has never entirely been my own. Writers read, of course and one of the up sides is that I get a whole bunch of ARCs from publishers looking for blurbs—so I get a lot of brand new books many of which are quite good.

I don’t watch TV at night. I go to bed at seven and shut out the lights to go to sleep at ten, which (in my anal way) gives me five half hour reading segments. The problem is that I want to know everything and I’m running out of time.7:00-7:30 Spanish grammar or piano practice, depending on my mood. 7:30-8:00 I’m on volume two— of Will Durant’s Story of Civilization. 8:00-8:30 an ARC or if I have none then some science mostly physics and astrophysics—lots of really neat things are happening just now—including the discovery of the Higgs boson. 8:30-9:00, some real life adventure—just now Roald Amundsen’s trip to the South Pole. Then 9:30-10:00 pure entertainment. Just lately Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series. Weekends of course are for catching up with The New York Times, Scientific American, Jane's Defence Weekly—etc. I really do want to know everything, and I’m really running out of time!
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