Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eric Smith

Eric Smith is an author, blogger, gamer, and publishing geek living and writing in Philadelphia.

His 2013 book, The Geek’s Guide to Dating, was an Amazon Best Book of the Year selection in Humor. He still can’t believe that happened.

Smith's first Young Adult novel, Inked, is now out from Bloomsbury Spark.

Recently I asked the author about what he was reading. Smith's reply:
Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Andrew Smith.

If you haven’t heard of him, he’s an amazing Young Adult writer that I only started picking up last year. He writes really fantastic young characters and tackles really hard issues in all of his books. Last year I read his novels Grasshopper Jungle and Winger, and I recently started 100 Sideways Miles.

Winger was one of those books that made me laugh to the point of tears and then cry to the point that I felt utterly gutted. So I’m really looking forward to diving in to Miles this month.

I’ve also been reading my way through Nova Ren Suma’s back catalog. I got to read an early copy of her upcoming YA novel The Walls Around Us (due out in March), and started picking up her other books immediately after. I devoured Imaginary Girls, I’m in the middle of 17 & Gone. Like Smith, she writes really great characters, with twisting, heart-wrenching plots.
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--Marshal Zeringue