Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gary Corby

Gary Corby is the author of the Athenian Mystery series, starring Nicolaos, his girlfriend Diotima, and his irritating twelve year old brother Socrates.

The books in order are The Pericles Commission, The Ionia Sanction, Sacred Games, The Marathon Conspiracy, and the newest addition, Death Ex Machina.

Recently I asked Corby about what he was reading. His reply:
I read across a rather wide range. That’s a healthy thing for any author. Here’s what I have open:

The Fallible Fiend, by L. Sprague de Camp. I’ve always thought L. Sprague de Camp had the perfect writer’s name. He was a very brilliant fantasy writer at the height of the golden age of SF&F, and also apparently a true world expert on ancient machinery. The Fallible Fiend is one of his funniest and best imagined books, about a gentle, philosophic demon who is indentured to serve on a fantasy earth for one year. Highly recommended.

The Key To Rebecca, by Ken Follett. Would you believe I’ve never read this very famous thriller? I’m now correcting that omission. It’s a WWII espionage tale set in Egypt.

The Real Book, sixth edition. I play guitar, purely for fun, so don’t expect to see me gigging stadiums any time soon. However I finished the manuscript for the sixth Athenian Mystery on the very same day that Death Ex Machina released. That means I have some down time between books! I’m taking the chance to play guitar. The Real Book is a famous collection of jazz standards. So I’m reading, but what I’m reading is music.
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--Marshal Zeringue