Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kodi Scheer

Kodi Scheer teaches writing at the University of Michigan, where she earned her MFA. She was awarded the Dzanc Prize for Excellence in Literary Fiction and Community Service. As a fellow of the Sozopol Fiction Seminars, she traveled to Bulgaria to engage with an international community of writers, translators, and readers. Her stories have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Iowa Review, The Florida Review, Quarterly West, and Bellevue Literary Review.

Scheer's new novel is Midair.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
I'm re-reading Tampa by Alissa Nutting. It contains so many elements that I love--dark humor, high stakes, and an interesting but deeply flawed narrator. You hate Celeste because she preys on young boys, yet you keep turning the pages because you see glimmers of her humanity. She doesn't have control over these abhorrent thoughts, nor can she control the constant arousal. In some ways, Celeste is the embodiment of that proverb, "There but for the grace of God (go I)." What would happen if we acted on our darkest thoughts? I shudder to think...
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My Book, The Movie: Midair by Kodi Scheer.

--Marshal Zeringue