Monday, October 16, 2017

Tracey Neithercott

Tracey Neithercott’s first book was written by hand and illustrated with some really fancy colored pencils. It was highly acclaimed by her mother. Now she spends her days as a magazine editor and her nights writing stories about friendship, love, murder, and magic. (None of which she illustrates—you’re welcome.) She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, who suggests improving her novels by adding lightsabers.

Neithercott's new novel is Gray Wolf Island.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
I usually read five to 10 books each month, but September has been odd. With massive day job deadlines and my debut novel about to release, I’ve been slowly making my way through only one: Laura Ruby’s middle grade novel, York.

I fell in love with Ruby’s writing in Bone Gap, her 2015 Printz Award–winning and National Book Award–nominated YA novel. When I heard she was writing another book, I knew I needed to read it. And when I learned what it was about—a puzzle of sorts in which three kids search for a treasure in an alternate New York—I knew I needed to read it right now.

Middle grade isn’t my go-to genre (though I admit I do need to read more of it!), but I’m loving York so far. Ruby is a master at creating quirky, well-rounded characters. I also appreciate the level of intelligence in the story—the next time someone tells me children’s books need to be dumbed down for kids, I’m going to hand them York (and then a giant stack of more middle grade and young adult novels). I can’t wait to find out how the book’s trio solves the cleverly crafted clues to find the treasure.
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