Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ron Walters

Ron Walters is a former journalist, college registrar, and stay-at-home dad who writes science fiction and fantasy for all ages. A native of Savannah, GA, he currently lives in Germany with his wife, two daughters, and two rescue dogs. When he's not writing he works as a substitute high school teacher, plays video games, and does his best to ignore the judgmental looks his dogs give him for not walking them more often.

Walters's new novel is Deep Dive.

Recently I asked the author about what he was reading. His reply:
I’ve torn through a lot of epic fantasies lately (most recently Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy, which was absolutely stunning), so for my current read I decided to go with something much more contemporary and intimate but just as fantastical and amazing: Swashbucklers, by Dan Hanks. To quote the back copy: “When Cisco Collins returns to his home town thirty years after saving it from being swallowed by a hell mouth opened by an ancient pirate ghost, he realises that being a childhood hero isn't like it was in the movies. Especially when nobody remembers the heroic bits - even the friends who once fought alongside him.”

Like a lot of Gen-Xers I’m a sucker for 80s nostalgia, so this sort of premise is automatically going to hook me. What’s keeping me invested beyond the plot of a reemerging supernatural threat, though, are the relationships between the characters, particularly the relationship between Cisco and his son, George. I’m not a single-parent like Cisco, but in some ways that makes me even more sympathetic to his struggles. I know how hard it is to be a good parent when there are two of you wrangling the kids. People like Cisco who have to parent on their own have so much more on their plate than I’ve ever had to deal with, which makes his successes and failures all the more poignant. I haven’t finished reading Swashbucklers yet, but I am excited to see where the plot and Cisco’s relationship with George takes me. If parent-centric fantasy sounds like your jam, you should definitely check it out.
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--Marshal Zeringue