Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Kerry Anne King

Kerry Anne King is a Washington Post and Amazon charts bestselling author of compelling and transformational stories about family and personal growth with elements of mystery, humor, and an undercurrent of romance. She was voted the 2020 Writer of the Year by the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Her novel, Everything You Are, was a finalist in the Nancy Pearl Book Awards hosted by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and A Borrowed Life was a finalist in the 2020 Authors on the Air Book of the Year Awards. In addition to writing, Kerry Schafer supports other writers through motivational coaching and speaking.

Kerry Anne King's new novel is Improbably Yours.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
This is a dangerous question to ask me, since I could write pages and pages about my current favorite books. I’m an eclectic reader (which leads to a sometimes unfortunate tendency to blur genre lines when I’m writing) and I also have a tendency to mood read or binge out on a series if I fall in love with the characters. Here are a few books that have been making me happy lately:

As I write this, I’m right smack in the middle of The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah. This is a beautifully big, fat, fantasy novel set in a fictional, ancient middle east, and it’s chock full of magic, adventure, mystery, and battles between forces of good and evil. There’s a lovely story-telling tone to it along with a cast of characters I am rooting for (even when they’re not exactly rooting for each other) and I know I’ll be sad when it’s over. It gets bonus points for a gorgeous cover and will definitely find permanent shelf space in my collection. (Just as soon as I get a new bookcase and magically create room for it in my house).

More in keeping with the genre I write in as Kerry Anne King, I recently read We’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman. I read most of it on a plane, which was problematic because I kept snort laughing and had to quell the desire to stand up and read little bits out loud to my fellow passengers. Norman has a gift for writing about difficult subjects like death, divorce, and political issues, with an irresistible combination of empathy, insight, and humor.

My most recent series binge read was The Lady Hardcastle Mysteries, by T.E. Kinsey, beginning with A Quiet Life in the Country. These are super fun cozies set in England in 1908, and feature a sleuthing team composed of Lady Hardcastle, a trying-to-be-retired spy, and her lady’s maid, Florence Armstrong, who despite her tiny size has not only brains but some fabulous and unexpected skills in hand-to-hand combat. Lots of humor, fabulous characters, great world-building, and mysteries I didn’t solve until I got to the end.

Another mystery series I have to mention because I adore it so, is the Thursday Murder Club and its sequels, driven by a cast of characters all in their seventies and eighties who are brilliant, devious, and not above using their age to befuddle, disarm, and bring criminals to unconventional justice.

Okay, okay. I’m stopping now. It’s just so difficult to stop once you get me started!
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