Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Adam Simcox

Adam Simcox is a London-based filmmaker who's shot commercials for brands such as McLaren, Primark and Vice, and music videos for Britpop veterans as well as fresh on the scene alt-country stars. He began his film career by writing and directing three features: the first sold to Netflix; the second and third won awards and critical acclaim at festivals worldwide. He is a graduate of the Curtis Brown Creative novel writing course.

Simcox's newest novel is The Ungrateful Dead, the third title in The Dying Squad series.

Recently I asked the author about what he was reading. Simcox's reply:
I’m fortunate to get advance copies of novels, and I’ve read some truly special ones recently. The first is a debut, The Book of Doors, by Gareth Brown. It’s a fiendishly clever display of powerhouse storytelling where there’s always something at stake, and none of the characters are safe. It also features one of the best baddies of recent years. Can you use the term baddie if you’re over the age of eight? Apparently so. Out in February in the UK and the US, I’ve got no doubt this tale of magical books – and those that are prepared to kill for them – them will be absolutely massive.

The Daytripper by James Goodhand is a time-jumping gift of a novel. The 90’s are a rich mine, story-wise – think Britpop, Labour coming to power, and Diana’s death – and Goodhand uses the conceit brilliantly. Alex has the world at his feet: a place at Cambridge University, the love of the beautiful Holly, and time stretching deliciously in front of him. Then, a run-in with a childhood bully leaves him battered, bruised, and falling through time: when he regains consciousness, he finds himself in 2010, ravaged by hard times. Part love story, part what-happened thriller, it’s a truly special book. Out in March.

All the Colours of the Dark by Chris Whitaker is a generation-spanning crime tale that shook me with its brilliance. Whitaker wrote We Begin at the End, an acclaimed, awards-hungry epic that many, including myself, didn’t think could be bettered. He surpasses it with All the Colours of the Dark. It’s a true modern classic that deserves to be spoken about in the same terms as The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather. I can’t remember reading a book so quickly. I can’t remember reading a book this good. Out this summer, it will change your life.
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