Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson is the author of ten novels available in eight languages, including the highly acclaimed Jack Sigler thrillers, Pulse, Instinct, and Threshold.

He is also the writer and illustrator of The Ninja's Path, a humorous inspirational for ninjas, written under the pen name Kutyuso Deep.

Robinson is the chairman and founder of New Hampshire AuthorFest, a non-profit organization promoting and supporting literacy in New Hampshire.

Last month I asked him what he was reading. His reply:
Right now I’m reading The Shepherd by Ethan Cross. It’s a serial killer story, which normally isn’t my thing because I am easily freaked out by horror when it could be real (monsters don’t bother me). And now I’m locking my windows and doors at night because this is one freaky story!

Before that was Beneath the Dark Ice by Greig Beck, which is much more my standard reading—a team of scientists and military explore the Antarctic underground and find monsters. Sounds like something I would write!

And before that was The Eden Project by John Bolin which was also very enjoyable and about nanotech in the Amazon rainforest. All three are action packed and contributors to my insomnia.

I should also mention that Beneath the Dark Ice was the only novel I’ve paid more than $2.99 for in the past four months (since getting my Kindle). I’ve been delighted to find several quality self-published books for $2.99 or less, which is what I offer many of my books for as well, including my favorite, The Last Hunter, the sequel to which will be released in June!
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