Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Haywood Smith

Haywood Smith's novels include Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch, The Red Hat Club, Red Hat Club Rides Again, Wedding Belles, Ladies of the Lake, Waking Up Dixie, and Wife-in-Law. Her latest novel, Out of Warranty, is out this month.

Late last year I asked the author about what she was reading. Smith's reply:
I'm currently re-reading De Toqueville's Democracy in America.

Also, I just finished and enjoyed Julia Quinn's Just Like Heaven. (I met her at Moonlight and Magnolias Conference and was very impressed.) Accurate historical epics are my favorites, but I have almost no free time to read for pleasure these days. Also, because I judge so many contests and do critique, it takes a really good author to get me out of editorial mode and transport me into the story, so I'm always looking for easy-to-read, complex stories with positive resolutions. Years ago, I read a lot of heavy dramas and non-fiction, but now that I've buried a few loved ones and faced a few tough challenges, I'm looking for books that make me feel good in the end, so that's why I write funny books with heart.
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--Marshal Zeringue