Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mary Jane Clark

Mary Jane Clark's novels include the KEY News media thriller series and the Wedding Cake mystery series. A veteran writer and producer for CBS News, Clark worked for almost three decades at the network’s New York City headquarters. Her books are published in twenty-three languages.

Footprints in the Sand is the latest Wedding Cake mystery.

Recently I asked Clark about what she was reading.  Her reply:
You might not think that someone who constantly murders people in her own stories would be a big fan of the forever-running-somewhere television show Little House on the Prairie, but I am. For years and years I have loved watching the Ingalls family members and the trials and tribulations they faced, always triumphing because of their keen work ethic, strong values and abiding love for one another. I still watch it often in re-runs and I always feel better after I do.

So when I spotted Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert on the book shelf, I picked it up. Gilbert, you’ll remember, played Laura Ingalls. In this memoir, she recounts not only what it was like to work on the show but her experiences growing up and surviving in Hollywood. She is unflinching in her portrayal of her own challenges in the entertainment business and her personal life. There have been many painful episodes but, like her character Laura, Gilbert keeps on going.

You’ve got to admire that.

I enjoy (and try to write) stories with strong female lead characters who confront tough situations, keep their wits about them and save themselves. Melissa Gilbert’s real life story proves the adage that truth can be stranger than fiction.
Learn more about Footprints in the Sand at Mary Jane Clark's website and Facebook page.

My Book, The Movie: Footprints in the Sand.

--Marshal Zeringue