Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ben Dolnick

Ben Dolnick is the author of three novels: Zoology, You Know Who You Are, and the newly released At the Bottom of Everything.

His writing has appeared in the New York Times and on NPR. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

A couple of weeks ago I asked the author about what he was reading. Dolnick's reply:
I just finished John Williams' Stoner, whose beginning I loved, but which then kind of fizzled out for me. At first I was hoping it was going to be a quietly devastating book a la Mrs. Bridge, by Evan Connell -- one of the best books I've read in years -- but it turned out, for me anyway, to just be quietly quiet. Now I've just picked up Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty. I'd read a few of his books years ago, and been impressed without quite falling in love. Now, prompted by all the obits, I found myself wanting to give him another try, and so far so great. Next on my nightstand stack is Joy Williams' Taking Care, which I've been meaning to get to for years. (Also, looming in the background of all my reading endeavors for the past couple of years has been War and Peace. I'm moving through it in something like real time, it feels like. I've now been beached on page 700 or so for more months than I'd like to think about.)
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