Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mary Miley

Mary Miley grew up in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and France, and worked her way through the College of William and Mary in Virginia as a costumed tour guide at Colonial Williamsburg. As Mary Miley Theobald, she has published numerous nonfiction books and articles on history, travel and business topics.

Miley's fourth Roaring Twenties mystery is Murder in Disguise.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Miley's reply:
I just returned from a long trip overseas, during which I polished off several good books. For me, one of the pleasures of travel is reading at night and I can only endure the long airplane rides if I can lose myself in a good story. Call me a Luddite—I prefer the word traditionalist—but I read only real books. I don’t own an e-reader. When traveling, I take along paperbacks, which I discard as I go. No, I don’t throw them out—that would be sacrilegious—I leave them wherever we are staying, on shipboard libraries or on the bookshelves in the castles or historic homes we rent.

On this most recent trip, we visited Ireland and Scotland for pleasure and a bit of business—research for my next novel. I read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, which was excellent. I also enjoyed, in a different way, Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, which I read after visiting his amazing estate outside Edinburgh, and Lynne Banks’s Dark Quartet, the story of the Brontës who lived in Yorkshire, a short drive south into northern England. These two related directly to my travels and provide insight into the places we visited as well as the times. I also read a disappointingly dull contemporary mystery by an author who should have done better, but that will remain unidentified.
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