Friday, May 4, 2018

Terri Libenson

Terri Libenson is the cartoonist of the internationally syndicated daily comic strip, The Pajama Diaries. She was also a long-time humorous card writer for American Greetings. She won numerous awards for her greeting cards and was the creator of a top-selling card line, “Skitch.” Terri has also written for,, and

Libenson's new book is Positively Izzy.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Libenson's reply:
Ironically, as an author and cartoonist, I barely have time to read anymore. But, of course, I love reading, and I am currently plugging away at one of the best books I’ve gotten my hands on in a long time: Why Comics? by Hilary Chute. It’s quite scholarly (yes, comics can be scholarly) and really digs into the history and analysis of many of my favorite cartoonists and graphic novelists. It’s also divided into themes (“Why Superheroes,” “Why Punk,” “Why Girls,” etc.), which gives my poor, spinning brain consistent breaks while covering each topic comprehensively. If you are a comics devotee, this one’s for you.
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--Marshal Zeringue