Sunday, November 12, 2017

Todd Merer

In his thirty years as a criminal attorney, Todd Merer specialized in the defense of high-ranking cartel chiefs extradited to the United States. He gained acquittals in more than 150 trials, and his high-profile cases have been featured in the New York Times and Time magazine and on 60 Minutes. A “proud son of Brooklyn,” Merer divides his time between New York City and ports of call along the old Spanish Main.

Merer's first novel is The Extraditionist.

Recently I asked the author about what he was reading. His reply:
I like mysteries and thrillers with strong, eccentric lead characters who are loners and who straddle the bright line between law and criminality. I also love historical nonfiction, particularly about the Civil War. The following are next up on my reading list (I’m a fast reader, so within a month I’ll be drawing up another list):

December 6th by Martin Cruz Smith

Fatherland by Robert Harris

Dirty White Boys by Stephen Hunter

The Counterfeit Agent by Alex Berenson

The House of Wolfe by James Carlos Blake

God is a Bullet by Boston Teran

Creole Belle by James Lee Burke

Mr. Lincoln’s Army by Bruce Caitlin

Hell or Richmond by Ralph Peters

A German Requiem by Phillip Kerr

The Secret Lovers by Charles McCarry

Yes, most of these books are several years old—now that I’m no longer an attorney, I’m catching up on all the authors I love.
Learn more about The Extraditionist.

My Book, The Movie: The Extraditionist.

--Marshal Zeringue