Monday, July 2, 2018

Mary Carter Bishop

A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, Mary Carter Bishop was on the Philadelphia Inquirer team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of nuclear leaks at Three Mile Island. Her Roanoke Times & World-News series on poisonings and fraud by exterminators and other pesticide users won a George Polk Award and was a Pulitzer finalist.

Bishop's new book is Don't You Ever: My Mother and Her Secret Son.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
Not long ago, I caught a Barbara Ehrenreich interview on C-Span and was curious about her latest, Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer. She’s just a few years older than me, so I wanted to compare my observations about aging with hers. I knew her principally from Nickel and Dimed and wasn’t aware that she has a PhD in cellular immunology. I’d expected more sisterly/elderly/psychological reflections about growing old. Instead, this is a scholarly work of science, a takedown of every sunny-sounding medical and pseudo-medical scheme that holds out the hope of prolonging our lives. It’s made me question the tests and screenings that have steadily grown in number over my seventy-two years. Ehrenreich and I share an enjoyment of gym workouts and other exercise, something that perplexes other women of my age. You go, Barbara!
Learn more about Don't You Ever.

My Book, The Movie: Don't You Ever.

--Marshal Zeringue