Sunday, November 11, 2018

James Tucker

James Tucker is the author of the acclaimed Buddy Lock thrillers Next of Kin and The Holdouts. He holds a law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School and has worked as an attorney at an international law firm.

Currently he manages real estate strategy at a Fortune 50 company, where his work includes frequent travel throughout the United States. Fascinated by crimes of those in power, he draws on these cases for his novels.

One of four fiction writers awarded a position at a past Mentor Series at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, Tucker has attended the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley and the Tin House Writers’ Workshop in Portland, where he was mentored by author Walter Kirn. He lives near Minneapolis with his wife, the painter Megan Rye, and their family.

Recently I asked Tucker about what he was reading. His reply:
Recently, I read Exit West, Mohsin Hamid’s book about immigration to the West. In these times when the movement of people is demonized, it’s important to understand why people journey to the West, risking everything for a dream.

Another recent favorite: Don Winslow’s The Force, about a crooked NYPD cop and his equally crooked crew. Turns out they have a code of honor greater than you might expect. An inside look at the police in America’s largest city, together with drugs, crime, redemption, and failure. When you finish one of Winslow’s big works, you’re exhausted but moved.

The Redbreast, one of Jo Nesbø’s best Harry Hole novels. The pain and deception of World War II leads to murder today. An amazing audiobook.

Looking forward to: James Ellroy’s The Storm. Ellroy is a master novelist whose work encompasses nearly every aspect of American society. It burns with rage, love, and disgust.
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