Thursday, December 19, 2019

L.C. Shaw

L.C. Shaw is the pen name of internationally bestselling author Lynne Constantine who also writes psychological thrillers with her sister as Liv Constantine. Her family wonder if she is actually a spy, and never knows what to call her. She has explored coral reefs all over the world, sunken wrecks in the South Pacific, and fallen in love with angelfish in the Caribbean. Constantine is a former marketing executive and has a Master’s in Business from Johns Hopkins University. When editing her work, she loves to procrastinate by spending time on social media, and when stuck on a plot twist has been known to run ideas by her Silver Labrador and Golden Retriever who wish she would stop working and play ball with them. Her work has been translated into 27 languages and is available in over 31 countries.

Shaw's new novel is The Network.

Recently I asked Constantine about what she was reading. Her reply:
I have more books on my nightstand than I can count, but I’m currently reading Save the Cat, which is purported to be the last book on screenwriting you will ever need. It’s actually the first one I’ve read, so I don’t think I’ll abide by that promise. I ordered it because I intend to write a screenplay for The Network, and whenever I embark on something new I always begin by reading a book about it.

In terms of fiction, I’m currently reading an advanced copy of Danielle Girard’s White Out which is a thriller that takes place in a small town in North Dakota and centers around a woman with amnesia who may or may not have killed someone. It has completely drawn me in and if I wasn’t in the middle of edits on The Network 2, I’d be finished with it already. I love fiction that has well-drawn and complex characters in addition to a fast-paced plot. This fits the bill perfectly.
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--Marshal Zeringue