Monday, December 2, 2019

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is a London-based crime writer. He was sixteen when his first magazine article was published and he’s been writing ever since. A love for genealogy inspired his first bestselling series, the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries, and he is now expanding his writing to historical crime, another area he is passionate about.

Robinson's new novel is The Penmaker's Wife.

Recently I asked the author about what he was reading. Robinson's reply:
I’m currently reading a book by Margaret Atwood, because when writing the blurb for my latest book, The Penmaker’s Wife, my publisher described it as ‘Alias Grace meets Peaky Blinders in this tale of obsession, ambition and murder in Victorian England.’ I hadn’t read Alias Grace before, any more than I had watched Peaky Blinders, so I had to find out why the comparison had been made. I’m very much enjoying Atwood’s semi-factual story about the life of the young Irish immigrant, Grace Marks, as she gives her account of the events that led to her trial and conviction for murder in 1843. It’s clear to me now why the comparison was made, although the two stories are quite different. As an author, I’m also very interested in stories that combine historical fact with fiction as it’s been central to my previous series, the Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mysteries. I like how Atwood has woven letters into the narrative, and that at the end of the day you know Grace Marks was a real person. It adds a tangible truth that fiction can only attempt to emulate.
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--Marshal Zeringue