Friday, August 24, 2018

Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones is the The New York Times bestseller author of the Need series, Time Stoppers series, Flying series, Girl, Hero, Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend, and Love (and other uses for duct tape).

Her new book is Escape from the Badlands (Time Stoppers).

Recently I asked Jones about what she was reading. Her reply:
I am currently at a campground on the coast of Maine and the campground has no Wi-Fi and barely any data, which is causing a lot of gasping among the other campers.

But there are three tiny bookcases in the campground’s laundry room. All the books are old, musty-smelling. The pages have yellowed and smell as if they’ve been in the woods for a long time. Some of the covers are curling back from humid days. Almost all of the books are paperbacks with curling fonts and are romances or thrillers. They are books you’d buy at the library book sale for 25 cents and still sort of wonder about why you bought them. Was it just to support the library?

They are all the over-the-top romance and thriller and pulp that my Aunt Rosie used to read in her bedroom after her kids were asleep. And I’ve got to tell you, they are like candy. Easy, hysterical, amusing in unintentional ways and I’m reading one a night. Sometimes two a night, actually. It’s like an addiction. I even secret them out of the laundry-library because I feel guilty about it.

And, no… I can’t tell you the names. I will never tell you the names.

But, yes, it is the best part of the campground.
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--Marshal Zeringue