Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christine Husom

Christine Husom is the national bestselling author of Snow Way Out, the first in the Snow Globe Shop Mystery series, as well as the Winnebago County Mysteries, also set in central Minnesota. She served with the Wright County Sheriff’s Department and trained with the St. Paul Police Department, where she gained firsthand knowledge of law enforcement procedures.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
I finished Unidentified Woman #15 by Edgar Award Winning author David Housewright last night. I was happy to sit down with it a few late evenings this week, not just because David has become a friend of mine, but also because he’s a fine writer who knows how to weave together the elements that make a great mystery tale. Unidentified Woman #15 continues the bestselling Mac McKenzie Mystery series.

Rushmore McKenzie is driving on an Interstate in the Twin Cities during a snow storm when a young woman, who is bound, is dumped from a truck he’s behind. Mac avoids running over her, but when he comes to an abrupt stop, cars start piling into his car and other vehicles. The truck and its occupants, however, get away. The young woman is badly injured and spends weeks at a hospital being brought back to health. But it seems she’s lost her memory. Mac, a former police officer, is drawn into the case and uncovers not only the woman’s identity, but also the reason some people wanted her dead. Mac is the kind of first person narrator you want to spend time with.
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