Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Julia Knight

Julia Knight is married with two children, and lives with the world’s daftest dog that is shamelessly ruled by the writer’s obligatory three cats. She lives in Sussex, UK and when not writing she likes motorbikes, watching wrestling or rugby, killing pixels in MMOs. She is incapable of being serious for more than five minutes in a row.

Knight's new book is Warlords and Wastrels, the concluding volume of the Duelists trilogy.

Recently I asked the author about what she was reading. Her reply:
One book I finished reading recently and loved is Claire North’s Touch. I don’t read an awful lot of science fiction but the premise grabbed me straight away, along with the writing. The basic idea is that Kepler can jump from one body to another via touch. S/he usually ripples through life seamlessly until someone is after them and happy to kill any body they’re wearing to do it.

The promise of this scenario has been fully thought through, the problems that could arise from how Kepler lives, how it would be possible to track them and the result is a fast paced thriller that kept me glued.
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